2nd Grade

It is crazy to me that school starts so early in Arizona.  At the beginning of the summer I thought that the summer would not go fast enough.  Then towards the end we fell into a routine, I was used to having all three kids home and although it was hectic, I loved it!  Havyn became such a big help to me and her brothers.  But, if you ask her she would say they just pestered her a lot.  Typical sister.  When I took Havyn to school this morning I was a teensy bit emotional.  It is hard to believe she is growing up and other kids are going to start having more and more influence in her life, hopefully it is for good.  She has a few friends from last year in her class and she has a great teacher. A few days ago we had a back to school/end of summer pool party.  If it was up to Havyn we would have several parties a year, so after enough begging she got this one.  It was actually a lot of fun.  Havyn has some great friends!


Vacations All I Ever Wanted

Blogger and I have a love/hate relationship.  Mostly I hate it.  My pictures are out of order and I can't figure out how to type where I want to.  Anyway, I am going to do a quick recap (journal entry) of our annual trip to Utah and load a lot of pictures.  I didn't get my camera out very often, but when I did I took a ton of pictures. 

June 20th - We started our trip with a quick stop at Lake Havasu, we ate lunch, saw the London Bridge, went to their visitors center and mosied around.  We got on the road and Jacks tooth, that has been bothering him for awhile became too unbearable.  We have a friend that works in Vegas as a Dentist so we made a quick stop there to have it pulled, played in the park with our friends the Charringtons and finished up in Mesquite at my Grandpas house.
June 21 - We headed up to St. George, made a quick stop to see Jacks friend Jonathan and his wife and two kids and then went up to Logan and had a cook out at The Pratts Narnia with the Shumways, Bradshaws and Pratts.  It was in Wellsville, Utah and was so beautiful.  We camped out in our new tent in Narnia with the Bradshaws.
June 22 - We ventured to Pocoatello, ID to visit the Anhders.  We went to the zoo and park.
June 23 - We went to church with Dave and Margaret, it was their anniversary.  We had a family dinner and family pictures were taken.
June 24 - Jack golfed with Dave.  Lunch at Logans Heroes and took the kids to see Monsters University.  We went to visit the Hess family, had dinner and toured their dairy farm.
June 25 - Margaret, Jack and I took our kids for a hike to the hobbit caves up Logan Canyon.  Jack went golfing with his Loveland cousins.  Margaret, Marci and I got pedicures.  Jack and I went on a date out to dinner and to see the Man of Steel.
June 26 - Jack and I went to the temple.  The kids played at Marci's house.  We had dinner and played at Jump Up for James work party.
June 27 - Bear Lake, lots of golf, lots of relaxing and lots of good food.
June 28 - At Bear Lake we rented Jet Skis and a trampoline.  Jett got sick.  Jaime Eck and her family surprised me with a visit.  Also saw Jonathan Ribera at his cabin.  Went for four wheeler rides.  Went to the hilarious Pickleville Playhouse Melodrama and of course more golf.
June 29 - We went to the swimming pool.  James whipped up an adult sized slip-n-slide.  More great food and of course golf.
June 30 - Drove to Blanding, stopped to see Kacey and Joe Canepari and meet their beautiful daughter.  (Krew may have broken her finger, but we decided she can break his heart later)
July 1 - Went to Lake Powell with LaDawn and Bob and Bryce.  We swam, jumped off the boat, water skiied and caught fish.  We saw my Aunt Jan, Uncle Kyle and Zeke there.
July 2 - Jack went golfing with Josh Fitzgerald.  The kids and I went and visited my Grandma Pat, Grandpa Claude, Aliesha, Ashley and the Fitzgerald family.  My dad took us to get Blandings famous Sno cones and then took us fishing.
July 3 - We went swimming with my Mom and Sister-in-Laws at the pool.  Saw my friend Stacy Lyman and her daughter Palmer at the pool.  My dad took the whole family golfing and then we came home to have a BBQ at my moms house with the whole Lyman family.
July 4 - Went to Blanding parade, the kids races and the park.  Headed up the Elk Ridge to go camping.
July 5 - This years camping theme was Summerween.  We took the kids on 4 wheel rides, did summerween crafts had a horseshoe tournament and went on hikes.
July 6 - Visited with family.  Dressed up in summerween costumes, tent-or-treated and had a Halloween dance party.
July 7 - Drove down from the mountain, got a flat tire.  It was Sunday so no tire shop was open.  We were on Main Street in Blanding and not two minutes after we pulled over a man who owned a tire shop stopped by to help.  He was actually Jacks cousin, from Logan, that married a girl from Blanding and now lives there.  Prayers were answered that day!

We had a blast the entire time!  I wanted to keep track of everyone I saw because it was so good to see them and for a lot of them it has been awhile.  I was in a post vacation depression when I got back because I love Utah and love being with family.   I snapped out quickly and we have a had a great summer in Yuma.