The Last Week with Bowen (Finally)

Alright, Alright, here is the last week of our fun time with Bowen. It's long overdue. Here are the many pics of how we spent the week.

Jack took the kids to the BIG park.

We played in the water.

Bowen and Havyn were extra good one day so they were able to decorate cupcakes.

These two cute little pirates made eye patches, necklaces and went on a treasure hunt.
We went to the mall and played in the Dino playland.
The kids threw pennies into the fountain and made wishes. I am pretty sure Bowen's wish was for his mom and dad to come home. Luckily it came true.
More water fun.

We went to my in-laws awesome cabin in Bear Lake. The kids loved the pool and playing outside the cabin.
We went to the aquarium and saw the Nemo fish, the new penguins and Havyn touched the Sting-Rays for the first time (It was kind of a big deal). Bowen was brave and touched the sea stars and urchins.

Thanks for staying with us Bowen!! We love you.


  1. I LOVE these pictures. It looks like Bowen had a better vacation then his parents!! Thanks so much for watching him. Just curious, did you get a few stares at the mall with 3 kids under 4 and one on the way?!:) You REALLY are super mom!!! Love you!

  2. thanks so much ty. we loved looking at these pictures. bowen had so much fun and still talks about what he did with you guys. (like when he "saw" papa dew.) i'm glad his wish came true too!