6 Months.....6 MONTHS!!!
I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this little creature
has been in our lives for 6 months.
He couldn't be more of a perfect third child.
He gets stepped on, poked, loved on and probably ignored,
more than the other two and through it all, he still smiles his big ole smile.
(That I can't get enough of, really who could??)

Here are some highlights of Jett's first 6 months of life:

    He can sit
    He can army crawl/inch worm to an object a foot away
    He has already has his first hair cut, mighty studly if I do say so
    He eats some veggies and rice and oatmeal cereal
    Laughs, smiles and rolls his lips
    No teeth (this is more of a celebration for me)
    He loves to watch Havyn and Krew play
    He sleeps through the night and takes great naps
    He patiently waits for me to feed him, whether it has been 2 or 5 hours since the last feeding.
    Nicknames - Jettakiss (by Havyn), Jetterbugs (by mom), Jettermergretter (by dad), and Ett, (by Krew)



  1. man, i love that little kid. is he seriously six months old?? please tell me it's just your april fool's joke. i love that picture...makes me want to squeeze 'em. i think the nicknames are great. so much so, that i can't decide which one i want to use. perhaps them all!

  2. jettermergretter is my fave nickname- just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? can't believe he's 6 months. if i could guarantee a child with his disposition i would pull the goalie today. enjoy him- he's a blessing from the heavens

  3. what a cutie! I need to meet the little guy before he gets any bigger!

  4. He is absolutely adorable! I can't believe it has been 6 months! It seems like yesterday we were at a baptism and received a call from home to announce his arrival. Now if the next 6 months will go by that fast I will have had 2 months of his kisses and hugs! Sounds like a bit of Heaven to me!:)

  5. Why do we live so far away from each other? Come to the sun! I want to play every day with your creatures of love...and you too Tyrelish (do I need to add Jack's name here? Don't want him to feel left out). What's it gonna take? Oh and how grateful I am number 3 is such a blessing (and patient, so happy...and the list goes on).

  6. Each child gets tougher and tougher. He is so cute. You know most third children are pretty wild, so good luck with that soon;).