Excuse my Randomness

As I was looking through my blog I realized how many important, fun and life changing events have occured over the past few months and I have neglected to blog about them. So I am going to try to catch up on everything that has been going on in our lives and post them at random.

Havyn started Kindergarten at Blanding Elementary. It is a little weird to have her going to the same school I went to. Havyn calls the school the "Craynola School." She is standing by the crayons that my dad helped construct when the school was first built. Havyn enjoys school so much, especially recess. (what kid doesn't) She also loves story and art time and making friends.

I thought I better post about Havyn's first day of Kindergarten before next Monday, because it will be her last day at the Craynola School. We will be headed down to Yuma, AZ to soak up the sun and start a new adventure of our lives.

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