All about Krew

It was Krew's birthday on the 20th of April and I have been meaning to do a post just for him.  I started looking through the pictures and realized that I have a lot of pictures that I want on my blog so when I look at them I will remember the moments.  There is a lot of pictures and they are random and out of order. Enjoy. 

1 & 2. Krew picked his favorite "car" to stand by at the car show.
3.  Krew playing on the slide at Ty's house
4.  Krew building a chair out of blocks.
5.  Havyn and Krew during one of their good moments.
6.  Showing me his tongue after eating a Popsicle

1. Chasing birds at the park, wherever we car Krew will stop to chase the birds.
2.  Being a cowboy, the hat is usually one of the first things he puts on in the morning.
3.  Getting dirty while finger painting.
4.  Krew getting off the train after playing with the knobs and tooting the horn.
5. & 6.  Loving the sun and enjoying it as much as we can.

1. & 2.  Krew with two of his buddies, Jett and Ty.
3.  Grandma reading Krew one of many stories.
4.  Grandma and Grandpa gave Krew a drum and cymbals for his birthday.  HE LOVED THEM (more on his birthday in another post)
5.  Krew riding his birthday bike with Havyn around the neighborhood.
6.  Krew having fun with shaving cream.

1.  Another picture of the kids and the train.
2.  I love those lips!
3.  Krew scaring me, he was probably sick of pictures.
4 & 5.  Krew playing with his favorite things, Trains and puzzles.
6.  Krew with cousins at Grandma Dawnies house.

This was Krew's face every time I told him to smile for me on his birthday.  It makes me smile whenever I see this picture.

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  1. What a sweetheart! Looks like he has an adorable personality.