Saunders Get Together

After Blanding we headed to Cache Valley to enjoy the company of the Saunders family.
We spent our time enjoying Bear Lake, golfing, playing games,
 raspberry shakes, golf, catching up with cousins and did I mention golf.
Thanks for the fun time!  Can't wait till next year.


  1. I am so jealous! We haven't made it to Bear Lake for 2 years! I am hoping we can get there before the end of the year. I wish I could jump in these photos and lay out like a happy beached whale...

    Hmmm take that back. I can't imagine a whale (who was intended to live forever in the sea) would like to be beached.

    So lets just say, I want to be out in the water on a tube with the sun kissing my white legs.

    Glad you had fun. Miss your face!

  2. Havyn is missing her front tooth! She's growing up.

  3. oh, how on earth did you capture emmett in all his glory!! i LOVE that last photo of him. thanks for being the official family photographer! these are the best.

  4. Great pictures, great memories, great family. Love and miss you!!