I keep telling myself I am going to dust off the old blog and catch up (its been over six months).  But it probably won't happen.  So, I think I will just start up from now and if I ever have a few extra moments between chasing after three crazy kids then I will post what has happened in the past few months.  

My friend Kayla captured Jett holding still for longer than 30 seconds and she was able to snap these amazing pictures.   (it is actually a small miracle to get Jett to hold still anytime.)

Jett is loving Superheroes, especially Spiderman.  He loves playing with the figurines, their books, the cartoons, their tattoos, stickers, dressing up and pretending he is Spiderman.   Even if it does involve attacking his big brother, sister and friends.  Lil stinker! 

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