Second Christmas

Christmas at Pops began with sledding. Fortunately Blanding got hit with some serious snow and fortunately for us my dad lives on a huge hill, perfect for sledding. Havyn wasn't into the whole sledding bit, one ride down the hill was enough for her.
She had to go inside and help Pops decorate his tree. She just couldn't understand why it wasn't decorated yet. Pops said he was waiting for her help.
Havyn loved her Cinderella dress.Krew was just happy, as always.
We love Pops! Thanks for the presents.By the end of it, Krew was plum tuckered.


  1. i love that picture of krew and his pops! so cute. the kids are growing so much. when are they coming up to see their aunt marci. tell havyn i'll take her to the abc fun park!!

  2. How fun! I think everyone needs 3 christmases :D Just like our girls have week long birthdays! Way cute pictures!