Whatcott Family Party

Every year we have a Christmas Party with Jack's mothers family. There is always great food, great people and fun games.

The best part of the night was when Jack's parents called from their mission in Africa and we all were able to speak with them.


  1. oh i think that picture of bowen and grandpa is now my all-time favorite! but the one with bo and krew is a close second. they really bonded that night. thanks for taking all these pics ty.

  2. Thank you for posting these pictures,I know this post was for me. I could hardly see the pictures through my tears.I never realized how much I would miss all the family traditions (like the Whatcott Christmas party). Sometime the family get-togethers are a little bit of a hassle. But take them away and one realizes how precious they really are! Loved the pictures of the kids with their Great-Grandfather. Who by the way, looks exactly like my Grandpa Whatcott!