Memorial Day Weekend

I look forward to Jack's days off from school, even if it is only a three day weekend. We try to jam pack as many activities in as we can. We visited family, enjoyed dinner at Smoky Mountain Pizza and Pasta, went to a birthday party, a Bee's game, a BBQ, played at the park, went to Shrek, the Library and went on a hike to Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon. (gorgilious, as the late Steve Irwin would say, may he rest in peace.)
Havyn and the BEE. She was so excited to meet the Bee, she saw a commercial where kids met the Bee and she looked for him everywhere until she could meet him. Before the game we went to Demsey's, my friend Devans, first birthday party. Devan had a lot of cute crafts for the kids to do, Havyn made the pasta barrettes in her hair.

On Sunday Havyn had to give the scripture in Church, she memorized Doctrine & Covenants 14:7 and said it perfectly without help in front of the Primary.

There was a lot of snow still up the Canyon, but it was still a great hike and not too cold.
Krew didn't want to be carried at all throughout the hike, he wanted to walk it all, which made it take a little longer than it should have been.
Havyn took this picture.
We are at Donut Falls, we can't wait to go back when all the snow melts.
We are all laughing at Daddy!


  1. What a fun weekend! Where is Donut Falls? I've never heard of it but it looks beautiful (and a little cold!) The kids look like they are having a great time. Who knew?! Havyn takes pictures and Krew can hike with the best of them! They are both growing up so fast! So continue to squeeze in family time and please continue to share the pictures of those special moments with us! Love and miss you!!

  2. It was so fun to see you this weekend! I'm glad Krew and Carson finally got to meet and that we were able to do some catching up!

  3. That last picture is adorable! It was good to see you the other day!