Beat the Heat

Krewsers - a little too much slip, not enough slide.

These two kiddo's love to be outside and would be outside all day everyday, if I let them. But, being preggers I enjoy being in the A/C a little too much. aahhhhhh. Apparently Blanding homes aren't built with A/C, so this was our way to beat the heat! Havyn and Krew both loved the slip-n-slide, especially when Uncle Lehi threw them down the slide.
I have a video, but I can't figure out how to upload it, it may come, may not. Don't hold your breath.


  1. Cute Pictures! I love that last one of Krew! He is such a handsome little devil!

  2. Oh I miss these two little angels. These pictures are priceless especially the ones of Krew doing a little more slippin then slidin and Havyn with pure joy on her face. So cute! Hey,I just had a genius idea...maybe we should try a slip n'slide to beat the heat in Ghana!;) Keep these posts coming! Love and miss you all!

  3. ya, that's all we need is mom and dad slipping and sliding their way to broken hips! there is a reason this sport is just for children! the pictures are priceless. i need me some quality havyn and krewsers time!!