No Pics Today.....Mom/Babysitter on Break

My mom was in town and she sent Jack and I on a breakfast date while she took the kiddo's to the park. After finishing breakfast I asked Jack if he was ready to go back to reality. We both agreed we weren't and we spent an extra half hour chatting at Village Inn. Luckily it was Free Pie Wednesday and we devoured Jack's slice of Lemon Supreme. I took mine home hoping to eat it in the only room of the house where a boy of nine could sit in privacy and decode, but when I went in the kitchen I found Bowen with lemon and whipped cream all over his hands and mouth. :) I spent the rest of the day with my mom just enjoying the day and her company. Thanks for the break Mom!


  1. oh, perhaps we should have told you that bowen will eat any sweets in sight. thank heaven for moms. i'm so glad that she can help you. ty we owe you many many many more date nights. (and whatever else you need) we miss him so much, but it does our heart good to know that he is safe. we love staring at these pictures of his happy face! (i wish he was more happy for you.) i'll call you tonight, well today!