A post a day

A post a day..........maybe, I'll try.........no promises.
We get to babysit my sister-in-law's little boy while her and her husband are visiting my in-laws in Africa (we hope they are in Africa, they might be held up somewhere at the embassy).
I am going to try to post a picture of what we have been up to each day so they can see that we didn't just lock him in a closet all day. We let him out, once in a while.

Bowen loved to drive the jeep, mostly he went in circles, but he did manage to drive down a huge hill and was able to get a pregnant lady to sprint after him. It wasn't a pretty sight. Don't worry Pratts the jeep is insured.


  1. I would have loved to have seen you sprinting down the road chasing after Bowen! Run, Forest, RuN!

  2. you better promise! i have a pocket full of pesewas to give you if you keep this up. think of all the quarter rides you could do with that! we love you so much ty. give the little man a kiss. okay two!