We had a fabulous Christmas this year!
Our family was spoiled by the whole family on both sides - Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Parents, Grandparents and Greats.
Thank you!

Pillow pets were a big hit.

I love this picture of Krew. He wasn't into the whole unwrapping of presents so he mostly chilled and let Havyn have all the fun.
He loves his soft blankie.

Havyn loves mythical creatures and so she received a unicorn and a her favorite book to go with it, A Dignity of Dragons.
From Santa all Havyn wanted was a puppet theater that was the color of the rainbow.

I'd say Santa did a great job and had help from many of his elves.


  1. It looks like Christmas was a huge success. The kids look adorable. I love the puppet theater. I was picturing something big and bulky. But it looks like it can be easily set up and put down. Genius!! HOORAY for Santa and his elves! Can't wait to see a puppet show!!

  2. The puppet show is adorable! Glad you had a great Christmas!