My Boys

Jett at 3 months
Rolling over from front to back
Laughing out loud
Sleeping through the night
Smiling constantly
and he still has his eyes and belly button after Krew pokes at them all day. (hopefully his eyes are still working)
Like father like son - everyone I meet tells me Krew looks just like Jack. I guess he wants to be like his dad too, because he loves to put on his hat and shoes.
Krew has a fasination with belly buttons lately, he loves sticking his finger in his and everyone elses.


  1. What beautiful boys! Jett is adorable and does not look anything like his big brother to me. I can hardly wait to get to know both of them. Krew seems so happy and loving! He definately has some pretty big shoes to fill(in more ways than one) in following his Daddy! Keep these pictures coming. I love them!!

  2. wait...he rolls over?? i can't believe it. krew is definately a mini jack. but this picture makes jett look like he's taking after you!! you look beautiful ty! oh and don't worry bout the eye poking. bowen had his fare share and i'm thinking he can see just fine!

  3. I think Jett looks so much like Krew. You can definitely tell they are brothers. How fun! I'm hoping for a brother next for Carson. So they will someday be best friends. After the poking of the eye stage is over.

  4. Cutest Boys Ever! I wanted to talk to you that Sunday you were down, but I had to go teach primary. Jett is adorable!! I love your cute family! And while I agree that Krew is a mini Jack, in that picture he looks a lot like Trina, no?