Will he? Won't he????

No, I am not talking about Brad and his rose ceremony. (I am just putting it out there, Michelle is a loon!)

I am talking about today when Punxsutawney Phil makes his grand appearance to see if he sees or does not see his shadow. (I think in my next life I want his job, make one appearance a year, have a whole day that everyone celebrates you and you predict the future, how cool is that. Not to mention you have a rockin name.)

This year Punx predicted that we will have an early spring. Hallelujah! So what else could the kiddo's and I do? Celebrate this wonderful holiday of course. (Kudos to whomever made this a holiday.)

Kids chillin on the 'ground' eating Hawaiian Pizza. Yumm

If I would have seen this on someone's blog five years ago I would have thought "Wow, these stay at home moms don't have anything better to do with their lives than celebrate measly holidays?" But I would tell my 23 year old self now that sometimes being a mom feels like groundhogs day. (the movie, not the actual day of popping out of a hole)

You get up at the same time to the same screaming children and you are wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday, you clean the same rooms, pick up the same toys, clean the same laundry, tell your kids the same things, (mind your p's and q's, don't wipe your snot on the wall, put your underwear on, don't pull your sisters hair, ect.) Feed them, bathe them and then go to bed exhausted, just to wake up the next day to......the same thing in repeat.

But, (see how big that but was) everyday you get the same hugs and kisses from the same smiling children, you get to see them learn something new, you get to imagine with them, slay dragons, fly like fairies, put on a cape and save the world, you get to laugh with them, make weird bodily sounds (and get laughed at, instead of someone thinking you are crude.) and you get to watch them grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. And those are the things that will never get old day in and day out.

So bring on groundhogs day to help remind me that I love being a Mom!

Even Jett is excited about Punx's prediction!


  1. well said! my sentiments exactly

  2. How cute! And I totally know what you mean! Well said, well said.

  3. AMEN! You are such a fun Mom. I didn't even know it was ground hog day :0! and this is coming from the mom who makes and eats green pancakes and milk on st. patties day.

  4. Hey don't forget today is the Chinese New Year. That is a random holiday that you can celebrate.

  5. Funny thing...a few days ago Dave said, I feel like it's Ground Hog's Day (as in the movie). We get up early, go for our walk, get ready for the day, work in the office till 6:00, go home exhausted, eat dinner, and fall into bed. At least you are getting lots of hugs, kisses, and the enjoyment of watching your kids grow and learn. These are some of the "best days of your life"! Continue to enjoy every moment. I loved this post and the pictures. You are an amazing Mom. If I could have "do-overs" I would try to be just like you!!