Today, I'm Italian

In the book "Eat, Pray, Love" The author talks about the difference between Americans and Italians. She says that Americans have an ingrained sense of Puritan guilt. Americans are always questioning if they deserve to do something good for themselves and then feel guilty when they do. Italians KNOW they deserve to do things just for themselves. So when my friend Kacey called me up and asked if I wanted to go get a pedicure (Katy Perry style) with her, I jumped at that chance. And I am not going to feel the least bit guilty about it.

Check out my hot, hot, hot Valentines day toes and yes I have my dads man feet.

Thanks Kacey for the Pedi and Gramma for watching the kids.


  1. way to spoil yourself! I totally agree I always feel guilty when I try to do something for myself. I need to get over that. I want to be Italian too!

  2. I love pedicures! Remember the more you love yourself (and do for yourself) the more you can love and do for others. So keep pampering yourself and everyone around you will be grateful! Your toes look beautiful and not one bit manly!

  3. More like your dad has your girl feet:). Looks fun. I always get a pedicure right before I'm going to have a baby so that I will feel like something about me is pretty.