Oh, the places we go

Oh the places we go........

and all the things we do.......

I hope to catch up on blogging too!

(just call me Dr. Suess)

We have had a lot of big events happen over the past few weeks. I hope I can find time in the next week or so to blog about them all.

Krew's birthday, Easter, Fishing, Jett's Blessing, Pseudo Graduation for Jack, preschool graduation for Havyn and maybe when I get all caught I MIGHT be able to tell you about a brand new baby (nephew) that will be blessing our lives soon.

(baby m&m, please don't wait until I have finished my blogging to come out, otherwise you might be in there a few more months and that wouldn't be fun for your momma and plus I want to play with you)

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  1. Aunt T,

    Oh, but the places I have to go are so scary!! I will try and make my debut soon. Mom tells me to hold out for a couple more days. and since i'm a perfectly obedient child, i better get cozy!

    Can't wait to meet you!!! I hear you have some little rascals for me to play with too! yipee!!