my BRAG moment

This is a moment I want to remember forever.
(so if you don't want to hear a mom brag about her kids it time for you to move on)

Yesterday I was in church and I was enjoying the testimonies (BELIEVE me, in my ward you actually enjoy them. So far we have had three people go up and say my name is ________ and I am an alcoholic and there have been many other personal things said that most people wouldn't say in testimony meetings. It keeps you on your toes)

Havyn started to notice all these people going up to the stand and she turned to me and said

"mom, is this testimony meeting?"

me- "Yes, this is where you can go up and bear your testimony about Jesus Christ, the gospel and the church"

Then I directed my attention to Jett. I turned back toward Havyn and notice she is half way down the aisle headed up to the stage. I panic and half whisper, half yell "Havyn, what are you doing?"

havyn - "mom, its okay, I am going to go bury my testimony"

Then, I panicked again thinking, oh great, now I am going to have to go up with her to help and 'bury' my testimony too. (and if anyone knows me and public speaking, they don't go well together. Picture Ozzy Osborne bearing his testimony. words mixed together, mumbling, not making sense, audience confused at what was said, yep thats me.)

But she seemed so confident I figured to let her go on her own. She had to sit and wait until the next speaker finished and then she got up to the stand and said:

"I would like to bury my testimony, I love to pray and I love to read the scriptures and I am trying to be like Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen"

And then the whole congregation gave her a standing ovation.
(okay, they really didn't, but maybe the should have, I'm just saying.)

I was so proud of her!!!

side note: my nephew baby m&m (Emmett Ray) was born, I haven't met him yet but I can't wait to get my cuddles on with him. Also I found out that my other sister in law Ashley is having another BOY. This will make seven nephews for me and still no nieces. COME ON PEOPLE!!


  1. What a cutie! That is just absolutely darling.

  2. i wouldn't expect anything but adorable and awesome from miss havyn. even so, that's pretty rad. especially since she did it all on her own. i totally would've given her a standing ovation!

  3. i love this. brag away!! honestly, i would have never put it past her. of course she would know exactly what to do....she's brilliant!

    p.s. super cute blog title thingy. wanna make me one with your mad graphic design skills??

  4. T...can I just tell you, I love you and your family. I swear you are the only person who has me laughing and crying in the same post. Tell Havyn I'm proud oh her, that is the sweetest thing ever.