If only Plan A didn't work out

On our way home from Disneyland we took a short detour and landed at Laguna Beach.
It was a little chilly, but we all had a blast.

I love the beach, I love watching and hearing the waves.
I love the smell of sunscreen mixed with sand (didn't Kramer make that into a perfume?)
I love watching people enjoy the ocean, especially my kids.
Jett was asleep in the car most of the time so he didn't get to play with us.
Havyn jumped over the waves and Krew watched her until he was finally
brave enough to jump them with her.  The first wave wiped him out, he got all wet and then he was done.

I am entertaining the idea of buying a van turning it into a huge taco
and live my life selling tacos on the beach.
(I don't think Jack would need even a little convincing to live that lifestyle.
It was actually Plan B if he didn't get into PA school.)

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  1. call me crazy, but it looks to me like plan b shoulda been plan a! perhaps a switch-a-roo is in the making!