Do you wanna see a dirty picture?

The kids and I decided to mosey on up to Blanding for Easter. On the way there we spent the night in Flagstaff, kind of scary doing it by myself, but the kids did great.  I even slept, although I spent the first hour planning out what I would do if an attacker burst into our hotel room.  I had the hotels ironing board, remote, King James Bible and hair dryer out just in case. Don't underestimate the damage I would have done with those items.  The drive mostly consisted of movies, treats, movies drinks, very short bathroom breaks, (did I say movies?) and a car game that Havyn could move a car to each clothespin hanging on the string when we arrived to that city.
The Lyman family always has an Easter picnic where we go out in the hills, have some mighty fine grub, look for arrowheads, pottery and antler sheds.  Don't worry nobody found anything. (wink, wink, nudge nudge)

If you didn't get this dirty, then.......you just weren't having as much fun as you should have.

The kids and I colored Easter eggs with my father who was kind enough to let us stay with him. Thanks a bunch! (we love you to pieces mieces)  We had a great time in Blanding, I enjoyed some catch up time with friends at a citrus party, super yummy food, but even better company.  My friend Marci went to Lambeau field and brought me back a Packers T-Shirt, bowls and cups.  Woo Hoo! Can't wait until football season! Go Packers.  I got to do some Zumba and hot tubing with my mom and hang out with my whole family.  I especially enjoyed playing with my five cute nephews.  Havyn's favorite part was finding the real Eggs that the Easter Bunny hid at Pop's house and having sleepovers at Grandma Dawnies.  Thanks mom for taking the kids a few nights and for not calling me at one in the morning because Krew was screaming for me.  

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  1. That was a dirty picture. I can’t believe you put that on the internet. It was so fun seeing you even for just a little bit. I’m glad you had fun.