We just got back from three weeks of fabulous vacation time.  Our first stop was to Lake Powell.  One of my favorite places with a bunch of my favorite people.  The water and weather was perfect!  Everyone enjoyed tube rides, building sandcastles and ham/dirt sandwiches (my personal fav).   Krew, Havyn, my nephew Grady and I had a blast out on the tube. But my favorite part of our LP trip was watching my brothers getting rocked on the tube, with ear to ear smiles.  They couldn't stop laughing, like they didn't have a care in the world.  It took me back to childhood, watching them having so much fun.  I am pretty sure they each ended up with a few bruises and one of them may have came off with a black eye.  They didn't get bucked off the tube so they still had their pride. (Don't worry, their pride will be lost with my next blog post about the QUAD burger.  It is as gross as it sounds.)

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