Man Test

The Opponent:
The Quad

a.k.a. The Artery Clogger, I Can See You Getting Fatter Burger
Weighing in at a hefty ONE POUND

The Challengers:
Jack - a.k.a The Mouth

 Karson - a.k.a The Brain

 Davy - a.k.a. Make It Two

 Zeke a.k.a. The Big Easy

Lehi - a.k.a One More Bite

Weighing in at a weight that men their height and age can be proud of.
And weighing out a whole hellaofalot heavier.

The challenge was to eat the whole burger, fries and drink in under an hour. The way it came out of you was up to the discretion of the challengers.
(Let me just say plenty of birds enjoyed some regurgitated burger)

You might be wondering to yourself what did they win for defeating the opponent
They got their name on the Wall of Shame Fame.
Totally Worth it Right!?

(I didn't get a picture of Josh a.k.a. Feed the Birds)

The Fans

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  1. wow...i new summer olympic game! i feel my arteries clogging just from the picture. good job boys!