Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

A few weeks ago it was Dr. Suess's birthday. Each day we read a book and did a craft that ties into the book. I tried to remember to take pictures of the crafts we did. Yertle the Turtle
The Star Bellied Sneetches

The Cat and the Hat - Thing One and Thing Two
We also read On Beyond Zebra and Havyn made up a letter that went on beyond Z and we read Daisy Head Mazie and made a flower coming out of Havyn's head. Havyn is so creative and keeps me on my toes always wanting to do an activity or a craft.


  1. So creative I'll have to remember this one when Carson gets older.

    Krew is looking so big!

  2. tyrel you never cease to amaze me. if i could be half the mother that you are bowen would have it made! i'm so glad you posted all these fun things you guys do. it looks like a blast! i think about you guys everyday and miss you so much!! can't wait to see you soon. keep postin!!

  3. Hey I found your blog!!! You guys are so creative and fun!!! I think I'm going to do a Dr. Seuss party for my boys's birthdays next week for their double birthday and have them be thing 1 and thing 2. So if you have any good ideas send them my way!!! It was good to see you the other day! And good to see your blog! Your kids are adorable!!!

  4. YEA the blog has come out of hibernation!! I loved seeing pictures of a few of your many daily adventures! As many Dr. Suess stories that I read to Jack as a kid, it didn't surprise me one bit to see that he and the kids now have a star on "thars". You are amazing parents. Havyn and Krew look so happy. They are so blessed to be raised in such a fun and loving home!I love and miss you all so much. Grandma Margaret

  5. Havyn is creative, but we all know she gets it from you...you are too cute. When was Dr. Suess' bday? I'll need to put that on my calendar and do it with Rad sometime.

  6. Hey, thanks for showing me that website. The Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes with the blue cotton candy hair actually gave me the inspiration for the birthday cakes we ended up making the boys! THANK YOU!!!