Happy New Years

For New Years this year we were invited over to my friend Stacy's house for a night full of friends, food, Guitar Hero and plenty of noise makers. I think we made it until 10:00 PM. We received a phone call from my Grandma Pat who was watching Havyn telling us that she was screaming and Havyn telling her that her ears were hurting. We took both kids to the doctors the next day to find out that they both had double ear infections. The first of many this winter.
It is always good to hang out with friends who have known you forever. You can throw out quotes like "When today, some not a lot" or "The Hutch, every which way but loose" and the reaction is always going to be giggles, which leads to more inside jokes that our husbands will never and probably never want to get. I love having good friends new and old. Next year we will try making it until midnight.

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