What We Do

Here are a few pictures of a few things we have been up to while enjoying our life in Salt Lake.

Krew and Havyn love to play with each other. Nobody can make Krew laugh like Havyn can. She walks into the room and no matter what Krew is doing he stops and watches her.

Havyn was invited by KUED and the Salt Lake County Libraries to join them for a Super Readers Party. Havyn had to read 20 minutes a day for a month. Anyone that knows Havyn, knows that 20 minutes a day is not hard. That is usually a minimum for her. Havyn got to meet her favorite cartoon character, Buddy, from Dinosaur Train. I think Havyn is a little nervous that Buddy might eat her. She knows that T-Rex's are meat eaters and from the way he is rubbing his hands together I think she might be right.

Here is Krew-manchu, Krewbie Doobie Doo, Little man wrecking Krew or Krewsers Bruisers doing what he does best, smiling and tearing apart one of Havyn's many drawings. I have to constantly tell Havyn if she doesn't want it slobbered on or tore apart she has to put it where Krew can't get it. Krew never stops going, he loves to get into everything he can and seeing how it works. He is so fun to have around. His favorite toys are trucks and balls....go figure.

Nobody plays like Daddy. The kids love it when he comes home. I don't know how he goes to school and studies all day and then comes home with so much energy. He loves these kids.

Ummm, Jack I think I know how you hurt your back.

We took Havyn bowling and she was a natural.** I think she even beat Jack.

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