6 Months and None the Richer

Our little man is 6 months old. Here are a few stats about Krew and what he can do.
  • 17 lbs
  • 29 Inches
  • He can roll over
  • He can sit up
  • He has one bottom tooth
  • He loves to laugh and smile
  • His favorite person is Havyn
  • He eats fruits, vegetables and rice cereal
  • He loves to jump in his baby bouncer
  • He blows raspberries
  • He is good at reaching and grabbing objects
  • He already had his first haircut
  • He loves to balance on his daddys outstretched hand

I would love to say that I can't remember what life was like without him, but I can, it included sleeping through the night, clean shirts and no changing diapers. But I wouldn't change one second of him being in my life. Getting a smile from Krew is worth the spit ups, the night wakenings and changing hundreds of stinky diapers. I know someone upstairs is watching and knows my family, because Krew is the perfect fit for us. We love you Krewsers Bruisers.


  1. krewsers! you are a very special little man. the only member of our whole family that bowen refers to with your full name "krewsers bruisers!" i can't believe your growing so fast. slow down, would ya?!

  2. This picture is absolutely darling! He is getting so big. It's hard for me to believe that by the time we "officially" meet he will be walking and probably talking up a storm. Thanks so much for this update. He is one lucky little guy to have such amazing parents and the greatest big sis on the planet. Have Havyn give him a big kiss and hug from his "Favorite Grandma" (that lives in Africa!!) Then somebody give Havyn a bigger kiss and hug from me!! I miss you all so much.
    Love, Grandma Margaret