Living After the "I Do"

At the end of the Disney fairytales you see the Prince and Princess riding off into the sunset with the caption below "They lived happily ever after" What does that mean? Does Disney only want to show the courtship of a couple and deceive young minds to believe that THAT was the hard part? Finding the ONE person who you could love, your true soul-mate? And after the games of dating and the hustle and bustle of preparing for the wedding it’s all down hill from there? Well here is my take on what happened to the famous couples after the I Do’s.

Aurora & Prince Phillip

Could you imagine having four mother-in-laws...............shudder (enough said).

Cinderella and Prince Charming
Charming is still desperately in love with Cinderella, but he is trying to get her help. He had her committed to an inpatient psych ward after a colossal mental breakdown. The sad thing is he should have seen it coming. Strike one: both parents died at a young age (sad). Strike two: she was ordered around and abused by three ungrateful women under the guise of family. Strike three: He found the drawer she kept her handmade rodent clothes in. To top it off, in the midst of the confrontation she began sobbing for an old fairy woman to come intervene. The jury is still out on their happily ever after.

Jasmine and Aladdin "The wandering couple."
Did we really think these two were going to settle down and change ways? Aladdin is on his fourth stint at The Agrabah Prison for theft, while Jasmine, little miss ‘the grass is greener on the other side,’ has had affairs with everyone but the flying carpet. In fact people in town are starting to refer to her as ‘The Magic Carpet Ride.’ There’s only one reason girls wear bra’s as tops; easy access. Maybe someday Aladdin will change, but as long as that sticky fingered Abu is around to influence him, he’ll "never see the light of Day."

Eric and Ariel

I don’t know if any one else caught it but you could cut the sexual tension between Eric and ole Grimsby with a knife. How long do you think he had that statue of Eric at his house before he finally gave it to him?

Today is seven years after I said "Yes." Seven years ago today we both committed to the long climb upwards from "I do" to Happily Ever After. We may not have mice to keep our house clean, magic wands to fix all our mistakes or a genie to make our wishes come true but because we try everyday to help, love and grow with each other we will make it to our ever after, hopefully happily, and there will never be a dull moment.
I love you Jack!


  1. How the heck did you come up with that? Somebody has had one too many fights while the kids were watching Disney;). James and I were laughing so hard, good post. Congrats on your seven years.
    What about Snow White? Was living with 7 little men just too easy? Now SHE'S one bad apple.

  2. happy anniversary you two little love birds! you are one clever little duck jack! i loved this! now, when i think MY marriage is rough, i'll remember how bad the disney princesses have it!

  3. .....i mean clever little duck tyrel!

  4. Tyrel I love you to death...I think you are the only person whose blog makes me laugh out loud multiple times while reading it!!! You are hillarious, I need to check your blog more often, you're so good at updating it. OH, the indian tee-pee thing almost made me pee my pants!