I'm a fan!

I love snow, snowmen, eating snow, snowballs, sledding, snow angels and everything to do with snow. After about an hour of snow fun with Havyn she turned to me and said very sly and mischievous "It must be Christmas." I cannot wait for Christmas, however, I believe every holiday should have its day.
So heres to Thanksgiving.
Here is our countdown to Thanksgiving turkey.

Daddy Jack and Havyn are making Indian Tee-pees. Well Daddy Jack made the tee-pees, Havyn ate the frosting.
**These are not real Indian Tee-pees, nor were they purchased, found, sold or stolen off of Federal Lands.**


  1. I am glad that someone loves the snow! And you must be one of those people that pray for it too:) I wish I had a better attitude but seriously I don't leave the house on the days it snows. I love your teepees- AND your disclaimer!

  2. Ha ha!! Tyrely..you're so funny. I LOVE snow too. I am definitely a snow girl.

  3. Everytime it snows my kids run around the house saying "It's Christmas." and then I have to burst their little bubble. I am really glad you had the disclaimer by the teepees, as part of my plea deal I am supposed to turn in anything that looks real:).

  4. you make me laugh!! although, i'm thinking those teepees look a little real to me! oh how i wish havyn was prancing around in the snow with her prince charming right now! it would make his day!!

  5. I love your blog. Seeing Havyn and Krew enjoying the change of seasons and just the joy of living makes me smile (and a little homesick). As for the disclaimer, I might live in Africa but those teepees looked pretty real to me! We got another letter yesterday, thanks for writing Havyn, it made our day!!

  6. BAHAHAHA! First, off, Hilarious. Second, you are such a cute mom! You inspire me to do more crafts and fun things with Jacelyn. Havyn and Krew are very lucky kids!