Happy Halloween


  1. I love the cute monkey costume- you're kids are adorable!

  2. Cute costumes Tyrel. Your kids are so cute, and your baby is getting so big. I am so happy you are a blogger now.

  3. at first glance i thought you painted the bushes to help with the festivities! the kids look absolutely adorable. i'm so sad i missed their cute trick-or-treating faces!!

    ps. AWESOME pumpkin pie. best gift of the entire day (next to talking to mom!...sorry) we enjoyed every inch of it!!

  4. You can only imagine my surprise when I saw Havyn was a princess for Halloween!! She looked beautiful and Krew is the most adorable little monkey I have ever seen! Keep blogging it is a highlight of my day(or week)!
    Love and miss you all,
    Grandma Margaret