I have the cutest nephews!

This past weekend Ashley (My Brother Lehi's Wife) gave birth to Liam Stryder Lacy. Welcome to the world Liam, I can't wait to get to know you! He is so cute and has the tiniest ears I have ever seen.

He looks just like his brother Grady did when he was born. Grady is such a tease. Over the weekend he would take my nose and throw it or pull my hair and laugh. I wish these two lived closer to me so I could see them everyday.

Lachlan (my brother Karson's son) is a month younger than Grady. Grady and Lachlan have two totally different personalities. Lachlan is a busy little boy and very smart. He can do all the actions to Popcorn popping on the apricot tree, but he does them so fast when you sing you can't keep up with him.

Last but not least is Havyn's Prince Charming, Bowen (Jacks sister Marci's boy). Or as we like to call him at our house Bobo-ski-bottenbotten. Bowen is all boy! (Except when his mom and Havyn dress him up as a princess.) He never gets tired of seeing neigh-neighs across the street from his house or throwing balls.

See I told you they were cute! I love them all, but please, please will someone give me a niece?


  1. ok...i guess since you asked. i'll take on the task of giving you a niece. (just give me two more years) it will be worth the wait i promise!!

  2. Hey, I tried! Twice! just wait a few more months, and we'll see.