Jackers its your Birthday, Happy Birthday Jackers

Havyn Saunders Poem for Jacks Birthday

Daddy Jack can do something very funny!

Piper Pete is running on his toe

He is funny, funny, funny!

Piper Pete is climbing up his neck.

He is very funny-aroo.

I love to play Dinosaurs and Dragons

me-oh-my a magons.

I love my Daddy Jack.

He goes quack, quack, quack.

We Love you Jack, Happy 30th Birthday.


  1. "me-oh-my a magons"...that's just the funniest thing i've ever heard come from a little girl! she is definately her fathers daughter. i love her so much...

    oh yeah, and jack to..happy birthday bro!

  2. Wow, Havyn has certaining inherited her Dad's ability to rhymn and write poetry! I'm expecting great things in the future! The picture and the poem are absolutely adorable. Love and miss you all!